Ilustración francesa de moda/El Tocador: French Fashion Illustration

El Tocador: Ilustración francesa de moda/French Fashion Illustration

Damas y Señoritas: Mapping Magazines is a teaching site with the purpose to showcase the UConn Library’s digital collection of Spanish women magazines and to demonstrate how it can be used for a digital scholarship project where images and maps are incorporated with some textual information.

For example, we used a mapping tool, Carto, to show the addresses where these magazines were redacted and/or printed. In many cases, the address for the editorial office and printer were one and the same, but in other cases, these offices were in different locations or editors of the magazines used different printers at different moments in the life of the magazine. Therefore, the maps will help visitors to visualize how one magazine change location through time. These maps are not always accurate because of changes in the street names today, lack of building numbers or the original building is gone. Even so, we feel that this project can illuminate an aspect about these type of publication that is not always represented in bibliographic records for these magazines. We invite our visitors to leave messages that could clarify the geographical location for each of these magazines.

We also included images from magazines covers and different types of illustrations found inside de magazines to compliment the post we created for each magazine.



Click on the link Mapas/Maps to see all the maps for magazines with multiple address and the link Ubicación/Location to see all the entries for the Spanish and Puerto Rican magazines included in this project. You can also use the search feature on the site (top menu) to search for specific titles.

Many thanks to Susana Aho for her help developing this project.


About the magazines:

In the early 1970s, the Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut acquired an incredible collection of Spanish Periodicals and Newspapers collected by the famous bibliophile, Juan Perez de Guzman y Boza, the Duque de T’ Serclaes. Now housed in Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, this rich collection reflects the complex history of Spain through periodicals and newspapers dating from the 18th-20th centuries, with the bulk of the collection dating from the 19th century.

Of significant interest is the wide selection of women’s magazines written by men to appeal to an elite female audience. The collection is full of content such as short historical stories, poems, good advice for both men and women about the proper behavior of ladies at any age, beautiful colored and engraved images with the latest news about Paris fashion, music sheets of polkas and other music specifically composed for the magazines, and patterns for needlework, to name only a few. These magazines are an amazing window to understanding the social dimensions of women in 19th century Spain.

Because of their significance to international researchers unable to travel to the University, the Dodd Research Center, in collaboration with the UConn Library, digitized 20 titles from the collection. Thanks to the support and funding of the UConn Library Digital Project Team (DPT) and its members (Dave Lowe, Michael Bennett) and cataloger Tom Koenig, the Libraries have created this digital collection in-house, to provide electronic access to researchers around the world.

Visit the guide, Digital Spanish Periodicals & Newspapers, to get access to all the digitized magazines from this collection. Digital copies were deposited into the Internet Archive and those are available in several reading formats and are full-text searchable.

This project and site grouped only the women magazines that were digitized in the initial project.